About Me

Hi. I'm Jeremy, a computer programmer who pretended he didn't like to draw for a long time. But now I'm trying to dust off the right side of my brain (insert long diatribe about how the whole left/right brain dichotomy is bad science perpetuated by ignorant people here...) and start producing some creative projects.

I live near Orlando, FL with my wife, (foster-ish) kid, and two Pomeranians. I otherwise entertain myself by peoplewatching at Disney World or biting into oranges straight off the tree, like any self-respecting, red-blooded Floridian should.


I've been wanting to start a webcomic for a few years, but I never had the time or energy to put into it. Well, I always had it, I just never invested it in something useful. Reddit is a heckuva drug. Plus, I was super intimidated by the art skillz of most of the comics I saw out there. Anyhow, I finally had some time to carve out and decided to invest the energy, but of course, I needed a snappy name. One of my favorite "omg im bored" passtimes is to browse expired domain names. You can find some real gold in there such as FetalChair.com or stainzbgone.com (yes, these are really available when I'm writing this...). I was scrolling the list, saw booshow.com, and decided I liked the name. The rest is (very short) history.

BOOSHOW is a non-linear webcomic, so there won't be many plot arcs. I might have a few things that carry day to day or eventually have some recurring folks show up, but in general, it'll be different, "random" (ugh) content, jokes, gags, and pop culture and literary references that 80% of the population won't understand. My initial goal is to update twice a week, but we'll see if that becomes more or less frequent.

Things I Enjoy

Some of the first online comics I ever got into were Penny Arcade and Dr. McNinja back in high school. These days I enjoy those still, along with a bunch of others (in no particular order):

...and many more that I feel bad for leaving off. But as everyone knows, any list longer than five items is technically a listicle, and no one wants to read The Fifty Best Webcomics on The Web Right Now (Number 17 Blew My Mind!) (though I'm sure we'll see that on Buzzfeed any day now).

As for music, my tastes are disturbingly ecclectic. I've had people describe following me on something like Spotify as a musical rabbit hole. I bounce from Rob Zombie to the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack to Hillsong United to NOFX to Taking Back Sunday. I'll mix LeCrae and a Disneyland ride theme into the same playlist. One of my most repeated albums is the Myst soundtrack. If you really want to know what sort of music I like, just put every song on Spotify into a box and draw at random.

Mailing list!

I'm just getting things setup around this place, but if you'd like to stay in the loop about when things are added, new comics, or whatever, then join the mailing list. I won't spam you, and you might just get some special sketches and stuff that no one else will get. You can find the form on the contact page. See you on the list! Or something!